What could be better after a hard day's work than a cold refreshing beer???
- A cold refreshing Scudrunner * Ale* *Lager* *Kolsch* * Bitter* *Porter*
- Locally sourced and Brewed Right Here, Proudly NL owned and operated!

What makes Scudrunner different?
- 3 passionate brewers in Gander, NL put their heart and souls into each batch of finely crafted beer. Using top quality ingredients, and NEVER cutting corners. When we say Premium Craft Beer, we mean PREMIUM!

What is a Scudrunner?
- Scud Running; the art of skillfully navigating an aircraft around many small clouds (scud) to get to the airport, or lake of choice for landing.
- 3 pilot brewers came together to take this dream to flight. We together have 20+ years of brewing experience.
- We aim to bring Top Quality, Premium Craft Beer to the underserved market in Newfoundland, and beyond.

Why now?
- We see a huge wave of growth in the Craft Beer community elsewhere in Canada and the world. However, not so much in NL... We must not be left behind! After all, who enjoys a cold one more than a hard working Newfoundlander?!

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