Saxon winery is named after the ancestral home of the Graydon family who originally lived in Kent, England which was the home of the Anglo Saxons for 600 plus years until the invasion by the Normans in 1066.

Paul and Jayne Graydon bought the winery in January 2012 from the Massey Family who had nurtured an Organic vineyard developed in a rich volcanic soil from its inception in 2001 through its first vintage from 2005 onwards.

The four varietals that are organically grown at the vineyard include the hybrid grape Leon Millot that produces a unique dark red juice from the berry at harvest. Saxon uniquely makes a red wine and a rosé from the Leon Millot and has built up quite a following for this unusual varietal. Alongside the Leon Millot are the Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris that produce wonderfully aromatic wines from the volcanic soil prevalent in the area. Then there is the Pinot Noir – a grape that requires specialist attention and then barrel ageing in top quality french oak for a prolonged period prior to bottling.

Not all of Saxon’s wines come from the Organic vineyard – a unique unoaked Merlot harvested from grapes from our partners in the OK falls area has caught the trend of those wishing to buy unoaked reds – and been compared with a Stag’s Leap Merlot by Napa’s ‘WineShout’ magazine. This Merlot has filled a niche space on the VQA shelves in BC and caught the attention of many.

In 2013, Saxon released its first rosé sparkling wine in the Champenoise style. This wine is bottle-fermented and has all the characteristics of an Epernay bubbly. A barrel-aged Pinot Noir port was also bottled in small quantity alongside a late harvest Gewürztraminer.

Saxon sells its wines in many locations now throughout BC and Alberta via its very own import agency – GWOW (Great Wines of the World) and from a special relationship that the winery has with the VQA stores built up over the past year.

The future for Saxon is very bright with plans to expand the winery and to quadruple its production over the next period.

Paul says “Our goal at Saxon Winery is to make our wines as accessible to as many palates and to the broadest audience as possible combining organic viticultural techniques with environmentally sustainable practices wherever and whenever possible. We will continue to offer an exclusive collection of wines made from our estate grown grapes alongside those from our partners in the valley. Please ask for our wines at your local liquor stores so that we may bring them to your local area and do visit us in beautiful Summerland to enjoy first hand our unique creations and our special brand of British humour!”

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