We at Saskatoon Brewery believe in real ingredients in food and beer. We do not use syrups, concentrates, preservatives or any other artificial flavorings in any way, shape, or form in the brewing process. Our commitment to our customer to provide artisanal, small batch, handcrafted beer is strong and we are exceptionally proud of what we do.

All the recipes at Saskatoon Brewery are made from scratch using top quality ingredients – no syrups, concentrates, preservatives, or any other flavorings that do not occur on the watch of Mother Nature. 

2-Row Barley from Biggar, SK, Saskatoon berries from just outside the city, and Saskatoon's own tasty water are a few examples of the local ingredients we use to achieve the highest quality product. 

Come in to the Factory Tap Pub and try some of Beer Chef Jordan's liquid bread today!

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