Ross Andrew Mickel, Winemaker

A Seattle-area native, Ross’ path to wine production began on a 1996 fly-fishing trip with Canlis Restaurant heir, Mark Canlis.  It was during this afternoon on the river where Mark asked Ross if he had any interest in learning about wine from the restaurant perspective – and he jumped at the opportunity to learn from the best in the Northwest. There are few (if any) restaurants that can match the history, class, service and knowledge about fine dining and wine like the team at Canlis.  So, while working under Canlis Master Sommelier Rob Bigelow, Ross soon realized that wine was going to be his life’s journey.  And it was from here that he launched into traveling the globe (Australia, South America, Europe and South Africa) to learn all he could about food and wine.  Upon returning home and realizing it was time to get something going, he landed a harvest job as cellar rat at Washington State icon winery DeLille Cellars which was immediately followed by a vintage at one of Australia’s leading wineries, Rosemount Estate.  Returning to the US, Ross was hired at arguably one of Washington’s most highly allocated and respected producers, Betz Family Winery where he spent nearly a decade helping craft some of Washington State’s most sought after wines under Master of Wine (one of 225 on this globe we call Earth), Bob Betz.

It was under the guidance and support of Bob and Cathy Betz that Ross and his family started Ross Andrew Winery in 1999.  Three barrels became fifteen, then thirty and now nearly 125 barrels of red wine rest peacefully in our cellar each vintage.  Along the way the winery has developed relationships with the state’s most reputable and attentive growers from which our wines are crafted.  Ross has also been hired to exact the skills he honed at Betz Family and Ross Andrew Winery as winemaker for Grand Reve/Force Majeure winery, where he’s earned scores of 97 and 98 points more than once from the wine industry’s leading periodicals.  Included is a 97 point accolade from Wine Spectator, for a Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, the highest rating ever given to a Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alexandra J. Mickel, Line Item Veto Queen
…or Dr. No.  Whatever title you choose to give her, she’s in charge.  Alexandra has a keen eye and ability to keep us headed in the right direction while entertaining our tangents and wild plans with a tight leash.  

Sheila Nelson, Executive Culinary Director
Sheila has been the chef behind all our events since our opening with the 1999 harvest. Her ability to craft both simple and masterful meals is second to none.  We consider her the MacGyver of the cooking world.

Ned Nelson, Chief Design Officer and Encyclopedia
Ned has been a commercial and residential architect for nearly 35 years. In addition to that he knows 8 out of 10 things, which is rather impressive.  At Ross Andrew Winery he is in charge of our flow controls and process design. His mechanical encryption skills are the driving force behind designing the only domestically manufactured commercial-grade basket press in the U.S (visit

Galena Mickel, SVP Sales and Legal
Galena, our Bernese Mountain Dog has ben SVP of Sales and Legal since joining the Ross Andrew Team back in Q2 of '09.  While her lack of opposable thumbs keeps her from using a cork screw or driving the delivery van (she can reach the pedals, but then steering and vision are out of the question), she does have a remarkable ability to do what she wants, when she wants (that's the legal: Galena's Law).  Whether she greets you with a bark or by trying to run between your legs (all 85 lbs) Galena welcomes all to her domain.  Eventually.

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