They say coincidences usually mean you’re on the right path.  Rorschach’s story began in 2006 when three soon-to-become chemical engineers, Matthew Reiner, Chris Ristevski and Mohan Pandit met each other in the halls of the Wallburg building at the University of Toronto.  After countless hours in the departments infamous ‘Unit Ops’ lab, they came to discover a course once offered by the department that taught beer making and fermentation, but had stopped years previously.  So they naturally took things into their own hands and set up shop in Matthew’s basement studying the magic of fermentation. 

Beer has a remarkable history and is brewed in many different styles  all over the world.   On their travels throughout Europe, North America and Asia, Matt, Chris and Mohan were able to explore countless breweries, beer gardens, local beer and regional cuisine. 

Matthew, Chris and Mohan crossed paths with Ben Ragan by coincidence later that year, and quickly bonded over their similar tastes in beer and brewing.  Ben has been involved in mixed fruit fermentation in a Wellington County winery since 2011, and grew his passion into one for beer, cider and Kombucha.  With his previous experience in the wine industry, in 2015 Ben travelled to the vineyards of Northern Spain where he worked for room and board in the cantina of a small winery. 

One day in early 2015, they met at The An Sibin Pub, just around the corner from what is now the Rorschach Brewery and tasting house, and, after many years of brewing countless beers, decided it was time for them to open their own craft brewery.  They hope, someday, and with a lot of convincing, to resurrect that beer making bioprocess engineering course!  

Rorschach’s beer will ultimately be guided by its brewing philosophy, inspired by what we have experienced, and we hope the food will reflect the international culinary palate that pairs with each beer they craft. 

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