We are passionate about creating sensory rich social experiences that attract f**king awesome people and relish in the joy in brings them. Our high-energy unorthodox events serve up the perfect blend of taste, sight, sound, and f**king awesome people. Our annual Wine Amplified Festival is the biggest and baddest wine and music festival in the world. www.wineamplified.com 

Our customers are participants, not spectators. If you are at least one of the following: energetic, gregarious, pleasant, open-minded, fun loving, spirited, adventurous, genuine, flirtatious, creative, a freak (non sexual & sexual :-)), Generous, or involved, then we want YOU to join us because we guarantee you will have the time of your life. No bad energy tolerated! Rock Out With Your Cork Out!

Just Wine partners with the finest bars, restaurants, wineries and retailers from around the world!