Right Proper Brewing Company started out of a vision that centered around DC as a hometown, with each neighborhood defined by a different culture and not one that relied solely on museums and monuments (though we love those too).  It was a vision that you could go to your local pub, have a glass of beer that is fresh, brewed on premises, and without the DC price tag.  The beers would be defined by the yeasts used to ferment them as opposed to the hops that bittered them.  The bar would be a gathering place for the community, one that evoked conversation and lit by candles instead of TV screens. A projector would be available for viewing events that bring the community together. The staff would be happy and friendly, and of course, awesome. These are the things that would bring you in, but then you would be pleasantly surprised by the food. Good, real, food flavored food that costs less than 20 bucks.  So you could come back, night after night, because the beer list is always changing, the food is delicious and affordable and the staff couldn't wait to see you.

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