Reformation is a values-based company and we believe why you drink is just as important as what you drink.

Acceptance: Acceptance is about creating a safe environment where people can discover they are honored for their humanity. Reformation Brewery will accept all.

Story: We share our stories to be known, valued, and accepted, breaking down isolation and loneliness. Reformation Brewery will always seek the story in customers’ lives.

Authenticity: When our energy isn’t devoted to gaining acceptance from others, we are freed to be our authentic selves. Reformation will not fake it till we make it.

Moderation: Moderation is the means to enjoy quality craft beer to the fullest. Reformation reaches for balance in all things, bringing deeper appreciation for all aspects of life.

Humility: Humility is about knowing one’s place in a community. To speak the truth without claiming a monopoly on it. Reformation understands it’s not about us.

Humor: Humor makes room for playfulness and is a reminder to find joy in all circumstances of life. Reformation Brewery will find light in the dark.

Reformation believes beer is a gift and we exist to Set Beer Free from the trappings of the past.

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