Hidden in the Redwood Realm on the Northern California Coastline, lies an area like no other in the world! Boasting the tallest trees in the world, pristine coastlines, six major river systems, rugged mountains and an artistic, innovative community resides Redwood Curtain Brewing Company. Located in Arcata, CA, Redwood Curtain was established in 2010.  We are devoted to brewing multi-dimensional hand crafted ales and lagers for beer lovers of all types.

All of our handcrafted artisan ales are served, and properly aged, to deliver maximum flavor and character.  Our expressive beers can be very complex and assertive, but with the ultimate goal of proper balance.  We only use premium domestic and imported malts and hops, Humboldt County water and our multiple yeast strains.  You will not find any artificial additives or preservatives in our beers.

We trust that our craft beer and brewing techniques convey our philosophies concerning family, friends, community, education and living life to its fullest.  


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