When Adam & Nicola moved to Canada over 10 years ago, they brought with them their love of cider. Disappointed by not being able to finding any local craft cider in Atlantic Canada, they took matters into their own hands and started making it for themselves and friends. They quickly realized that there was an opportunity to create a new sector in the craft alcohol industry of NB; Red Rover was born.

Because Red Rover would become the first craft cider company in NB, our founders needed to come up with a way to identify exactly what the people of New Brunswick were looking for in a craft cider, so crowdfunding began. The opinions gained from this system were far more valuable than any monetary investment. Our supporters attended various tastings, offered great feedback on all of our cider creations, and received a personal supporter pack. As the project progressed it became very obvious that not many people truly understood craft cider as an alcoholic beverage. Because of this, Red Rover was first branded as “Red Rover Brewing Company”. This was later changed to “Red Rover Craft Cider” as the market, and understanding, grew!

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