Boldly Brewed Beer is the guiding force behind everything we brew. This simple credo drives us to push the envelope of beer design, sourcing only the highest quality ingredients to create nuanced and evocatively flavored brews. With a slight twist of our brewer’s hand, an IPA becomes a veritable tastebud trip through hop farms east to west. A simple stout becomes a flavor explosion as national boundaries are crossed and malts from one region are combined with those of another. Our beers express the passion we put into brewing them, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Raised Grain is the embodiment of our passion for elevating grain into beer, it’s most distinguished form. It is an homage to the bar in our tap room, built with reclaimed timber from A.J. Pietsch Co., better known as the woodworking shop immortalized on the Old Streets of Milwaukee exhibit. We like the name because it says “we’re a little rough around the edges.”

The history of our Boldly Brewed Beers began when two local homebrewers (successful doctors on the side) began an argument over… beer. Scott, our brewmaster–he’s Scottish–and Jimmy, our other brewer–he’s Belgian–were locked in great debate over which country makes better beer. It was decided that the only way to settle this was to craft a beer that combined the best of both worlds. Thus, Paradocs Red was born, setting the stage for beers that transcend traditional constraints.

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