The Stockyards district, formerly known as the home of Canada’s largest livestock and meat packing industry, is where Toronto earned the nickname ‘Hog Town’.  A dry district from 1904 until as recently as 1998, the Stockyards has seen most of the industry move out, though today it’s rapidly becoming Toronto’s newest brewing district.

The original Stockyards brewery, Rainhard Brewing opened to the public in May 2015 in a former refinery. Located at 100 Symes Rd, the building is a 1940’s style manufacturing plant, renovated and modernized with sandblasted walls and exposed ceilings while retaining the original glass paned windows. The bar has been designed and built by Jordan Rainhard himself in the heart of the brewhouse, surrounded by brewing vessels, fermenters and oak barrels.

The original 7 BBL brewhouse where Jordan crafted the beers that would win him 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals in 2016, was built with a full hands on approach. Grain is hand mashed-in and mixed and pipes are connected by hand, giving us full control over every part of the brewing process. We do this to ensure optimum quality and consistency, while still being able to continuously tweak, experiment and develop new recipes.

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