Though Prison City Pub & Brewery opened it's doors in December 2014, the dream Mark and Dawn Schulz had to open a brewpub dates back to 2001.

Having looked at, literally, every available commercial property in the city of Auburn for over a decade, the stars finally aligned and the property at 28 State Street was not only available but an absolute perfect fit for the feel they wanted in their pub and brewery.

During this long process, they came across a very decorated home brewer out of Rochester. Enter Ben Maeso. During their initial meeting, Ben came with a cooler full of home brews and just knocked the Schulzs' socks off with his all Brett IPA and Blueberry/Cherry Sour beers. Brewed to perfection in small batches. Just what they wanted the beers made in the restaurant/brewery to be. Beautiful, artistically made beer to compliment pub fare featuring local ingredients and carefully crafted dishes.

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