The Wine Cellar started as a private wine buying and cellar management firm in the early 2000’s by Erin-Marie Palmer.

Erin was raised in Eugene with a strong love of wine, food, and organics (go figure!) In 2003 it was decided that the business needed a permanent home, and soon the retail shop was opened. Now, this hard-to-find-the-first-time, kind-of-feels-like-you’re-in-a-club, quirky little shop awaits you and your friends.

Each week The Wine Cellar offers a themed wine tasting, ranging from a single winery (often with the winemaker as our guest of honor) to a theme such as region or varietal. She also offers a variety of classes, ranging from the basics; “Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Wine”, to the more focused classes; “Understanding Pinot Noir”, “Ports in Portland”, and “Date Night”, to name a few. Most classes are taught by Erin, who has been teaching wine and food classes since 2002.

Come on by The Wine Cellar and peruse the 1,000 bottle selection of wines lovingly chosen for you. A large majority of the wines in The Wine Cellar are from the PacNW, with a healthy dose of wines from California, Australia and Europe. Of course, Erin and her fantastic staff are happy to order special wines for you, too, just ask. The crew at The Wine Cellar looks forward to seeing you in the shop soon. We assure you that you’ll be greeted warmly, helped with great enthusiasm, and thanked for your business.

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