In the Vineyard

We endeavour to grow the highest quality fruit that freely expresses the terroir of each vineyard. The vineyard philosophy is to develop a soil and vineyard biota that produces a balanced vine living sustainably in its environment.

Informed by the principles of agro-ecology and permaculture, we employ a biological farming system that places focus on the improvement of soil biology through the use of compost teas, estate-produced compost, mulch and other natural soil and plant conditioners.

We endeavour to improve and build soil health through the use of cover crops, tillage and aeration. Our biological farming system is driven by the belief that the health of our vineyard soils, and thus vines, underpin wine quality.

Our vineyards are always hand-pruned, shoot thinned, shoot positioned and crop thinned. All our fruit is handpicked.

In the Winery

The winemaking philosophy is to best preserve the inherent characteristics present in the fruit while making wines of elegance, finesse, texture, complexity and structure.

Our wines are domain specific. We believe that all of our wines should convey a sense of the place and the season in which they were grown.

Our practices in the winery are non-interventionist. All of our wines are fermented spontaneously as are the malolactic fermentations.

The winery is designed to promote the movement of fruit and wine via gravity flow, avoiding the use of pumps. When a pump is required very gentle peristaltic pumps are employed.

All the red wines are unfined and unfiltered. The white wines are all unfined and at times also unfiltered.

We use wholly French oak for wine maturation, red and white. We bottle all of our wines in-house using our dedicated bottling line.

The waste water produced during wine production is recycled through eco-sensitive constructed wetlands in which indigenous plants naturally treat and recycle the water for reuse as irrigation water on the property.

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