414 is the number given to the farm during the land reform in the 60's by the historical "Ente Maremma" during the splitting of the latifundium and the redistribution of the land lots to the "assignee" families.

The families of the "Ente's farms" inherited a completely savage land which was difficult to domesticate; the objective difficulties connected with the harshness of this place together with the concept of "bitter" and laborious agriculture didn't let the settlers transform these places adequately but instead made them use the rural zones just for the subsistence farming.

In 1998 a walk along Maremma's countryside together with the father Maurizio, a famous Tuscan enologist, and the grandfather Giuseppe, in search of an ideal place for a wine farm gave birth to a simple and strong idea of creating Podere 414.

The total territory of 49 hectares, 22 of which are dedicated to the vineyard, is situated mostly on the ridge hills in front of the small town of Montiano.

That is the beginning of the history of Simone Castelli, a university graduate in agricultural sciences. His deep respect to the local territory and its traditions made him manage to win the challenge of transforming a hostile and difficult to live land in a place capable of producing great wines.

Today, 15 years since the beginning of this adventure, his Morellino, the only wine being produced, occupies a prestigious place in the modern Tuscan enology.

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