Located in the heart of Portland’s Old Town district, pays homage to our historic location with traditional craft beer brewing techniques, comfortable atmosphere and authentic Northwest cuisine. The taproom converts to a coffeehouse in the morning serving local Portland Roasting coffees, breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruits & more. When the sun goes down, join your friends to watch the games or take in some of Portland’s finest live music. Outdoor seating, free wifi & beer education are always available.

PINTS Brewing Company opened in 2012 as Oldtown/Chinatown’s first brewery since Henry Saxer’s original Liberty Brewing Co. opened in 1852. PINTS Brewing Co. is dedicated towards old school Northwest and German inspired ales and lagers using the best quality base and specialty malts along with Oregon grown hops. Brewed in small 3.5 barrel batches, our beers are designed to be complex, yet focused, and ultimately beg another pint.

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