Vouvray is a small vineyard in France in 2000 hectares near Tours, located 200 km south-west of Paris, overlooking the Loire. It is nestled in the heart of the Loire Valley (UNESCO World Heritage), the famous tourist circuit of the Loire Castles, constructed from a rock called tuff, extracted from our cellars for some.

The GAEC Michel PINON and Damien operates for 3 generations a family domain of 25 hectares located in the municipality of Vernou on Brenne . We only produce the sparkling Vouvray whether or quiet. Our wines are made ​​exclusively from a single vine Chenin Blanc or Pineau de la Loire.

Terroir, vineyards

The soils are calcareous clay, they allow us to develop rich wines, balanced and fruity. Our vineyard is aged on average 30 years old and is partially renewed every year but we also work some parcels of old vines that achieve more complex wines. Before you make wine, we like to treat our land and vineyards.

Utmost importance is given to methods of vineyard management that is required by the principle of rational control: the vineyard is grassed through the ranks to preserve the biological life of the soil, the soil is cultivated at the foot of the stocks for the looking deep roots and that the expression of our terroir is maximal. Phytosanitary treatments are carried out at low doses, the sole purpose of containing the attacks of diseases and preserve the quality of the grapes.

We are trying to restore the ecological balance of the land needed to ensure sustainability of our land.
Our knowledge is applied to everyday life, to wine grapes, combining tradition and modern techniques.

The harvest is mechanical basis for our wines, Vouvray manual for our Quiet. We select our juice during pressing to remove only the best of the harvest and get the finest and elegant wines but have still some complexity and identity. The fermentation of the resulting juice is made only from natural yeast (own grapes) to emphasize even more the terroir effect. Then it comes to breeding is done quietly but is punctuated by weekly batonnages fine lees giving more smoothness.

Our traditional methods or “fine bubbles” are vinified with the same care and are kept at least 18 months on slats, making the bubble even finer and creamier froth, quality guarantees. In recent years our traditional methods are recognized in the Guide Hachette des Vins. Enjoy and discover our expertise! See you soon!

WELCOME TO THE FIELD OF Poultière, Vernou-sur-Brenne, France!

We are a dynamic family operating qui works in the respect of the vine and the grape. The wine making of our wines of Vouvray AOC is a subtle alliance entre the modernity and tradition, to the maximum by Respecting our soil.

GAEC Michel PINON and Damien exploits since three generations a family field of 22 hectares, located On on the commune of Vernou on Brenne (37). We produce only of Vouvray, whether it is quiet or effervescent. They are wines of vine `mono ‘products Exclusively starting from Chenin Blanc or Pineau of the Loire.

Our wines of Vouvray are vinified and preserved in a cellar dug in the tufa by our family. The clay-limestone soil Enables us to work out rich and balanced wines. Our old vineyard from 25 to 30 years on average is Mostly Renewed Every year, we aim heavy harvests aussi Some pieces of old vines qui enable us to obtenir more complex wines.

The outputs are on average 45 hl / ha for our still wines and of 60 hl / ha for our traditional methods (fine bubbles).

The AOC Vouvray

Vouvray is a small vineyard of France, of 2,000 hectares to the doors of Tours, site location is 200 km in the south-west of Paris and qui overhangs the Loire. It is nested in the middle of the famous tourist tower of the famous Loire Castles, built starting from a rock named Tuff and extracted from our cellars for some. To locate Vouvray

Our products:

Our “quiet” VOUVRAY:

Dry VOUVRAY -have an intense and elegant nose, a full and balanced mouth. These wines Will AGREE perfectly with fish sauce out of gold Some laminated.

Medium dry Vouvray -have a ripe fruit perfume with a round mouth and suave. They Will marry fully with white meats or more simply for the pleasure of drinking glass alone.

Our marrowy VOUVRAY: the dry apricot flatters us as of the first nose Then the dry and grape flavors of candied fruits the papillae level us. Those wines are Appreciated only with aperitif or on cheeses and desserts.

Our VOUVRAY Traditional Method -have a persistent foam and the fine bubbles encourages us to discover fruity and round wines. Those are wines of festival qui one can take with the aperitif or dessert.

Come to taste and discover THUS our know-how! See you soon!

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