The Company

Pietrodolce was established in 2005 and found its home in Solicchiata, an area within the district of the Sicilian hill town of Castiglione di Sicilia on the Northern slopes of Etna. The vineyards extend over an area of 11 hectares at a height of between 600 and 900 feet above sea level and are divided into three sections, two of which fall within the territory of Rampante and one in the territory of Zottorinoto.

The Soil

The soils of our vineyards are a rather stony, light, sandy loam, with plentiful mineral elements, a generous gift from "our" volcano and which gives our wines special characteristics, and makes them completely unique.

The Vine Varieties

We have chosen to cultivate only grape varieties which are native to Mount Etna and we grow them for the most part as traditional bushes. We made this choice because of our deeply held conviction that these are most suited the local conditions. So it is that Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante are and will be the main players in our history.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy is a love for our land which is equalled by the respect with which we treat it. We look to the rich local traditions for all that is best in them and then combine these with a wise use of modern viticultural techniques to give life to our passion: the wines of Etna.


To represent the philosophy of our company we have chosen the triangle, the perfect form- reflecting its own image, to symbolize the volcano which instills its goodness in the soil and terrain around it. For our labels we have chosen the "woman-volcano" an elegant and
powerful image, exactly what we want in our wine. For the other range of wines we want to highlight the explosive energy of the volcano
through a hand-drawn mark repeated over and over in a random manner.

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