Peabody Heights was the first brewery to be opened within Baltimore city limits in over 35 years. The brewery takes its name from the original neighborhood name, which has since been changed to Charles Village. The brewery produced its first batch of beer in December 2012 and is now brewing more than 2,000 barrels each month.  It is owned and operated by Baltimore-native entrepreneurs and investors.

We offer a unique co-op arrangement that allows small [about_img]  brewers to maintain the independence and integrity of their products. Our members have already spent years perfecting their recipes in garages and brew pubs. They may have already built their own brewhouse from the ground up,  but now need more capacity. They are passionate about their beers, and still deeply involved in every step of the process.

With the guidance of our master brewer Ernie Igot, these microbrewers can use our expandable facility to offer their unique, lovingly crafted products to beer lovers across the mid-Atlantic and beyond.

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