At Pazo de Señoráns we are taken back in time. Now coverted into a winery, the Manor House is a magnificient example of those ancestral Galician houses (XVI century) built in the countryside with all the charm and history of days gone by.

The Pazo and the winery owned originally by husband and wife team Marisol Bueno and Javier Mareque but now in the hands of their four sons and daughters, Marisol, Vicky, Javier and Santiago, began its wine-producing career in 1989, although the estate had been growing wine-grapes previously.

The origin of the name Pazo de Señoráns is unknown. Where it was the locality that gave the Pazo its name or the Pazo that gave its name to the site is not known.

We treat to do wines that reflect the characteristics of the area and the peculiarities of the variety albariño; investigating every year in the improvement of wine growing and harvest; taking an exquisite and special care at any time. We work constantly with diverse projects of R&D, like the study of improve Albariño growing using models based on both a remote satellite monitoring of the vineyards together with a system of site based sensors.

We elaborate honest wines, that give in the mouth what promise in the nose and that express the maximum quality in each vintage.

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