"Paternò di Vittoria" wines are the result of the wise synthesis of tradition and innovation reached by Antonio Paternò vinifing only the best grapes handly harvested in his vineyards. "Paternò di Vittoria" estates are located in the country roads Olivieri, Favaraggi e Mortilla in the territories of Vittoria, Comiso and Chiaramonte Gulfi. This area constitues the heart of the classical area of Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.O.C.G.

From the more than 10 hectares vineyards, trained in low bush and counter espalier system, come Cerasuolo di Vittoria wine, the first and unique Sicilian D.O.C.G, Frappato, Nero d'Avola,Insolia, Syrah and Novello; they all represent the best quality Sicilian wines.

The family dimensions of the Company, the 20.000 bottles annual limited production and the Company choice to privilege quality more than quantity are the strenght point and a reason of pride for the owners, according to an ancient family tradition.

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