1982 - Jacques Jolivet, a wine merchant, bought a small trading company in Pouilly-sur-Loire, "the great wines of the Loire Valley" and entrusted the management to his son Pascal.

1987 - Pascal Jolivet creates his own brand.

1990 - installation in Sancerre and investment in a first wine cellar with thermo-regulated stainless steel vats inspired by the magnificent vat room of the Pommery champagnes of which he is then the agent.

1991 - Pascal became a "breeder's trader" and made his first vintage under the aegis of Jean Luc Soty, the first oenologist of the house.

It is decided to practice natural fermentation using 100% indigenous yeasts while controlling fermentation temperatures. 
This method will allow very quickly to create a real style for the wines of the house quoted 2 years consecutive for the 1995 and 1996 vintages among the top 100 of the best wines of the year by the Wine Spectator.

1993 - the first investment made in the vineyard in Bué en Sancerre with the purchase of 6 hectares to the cousins ​​of the family among the best wines. Le Chêne Marchand, the Grand Chemarin, the plant of the ..

1995 - 6.5 ha are acquired in Tracy sur Loire in AOP Pouilly Fumé.

2000 - Pascal Jolivet decides to build a new cellar and a grape harvester to work by gravity from the reception of the grapes until bottling.

2005 - purchase of a domain in Touraine of 10 Hectares to make a Sauvignon Blanc of very high quality called Attitude.

2006 - takeover of Domaine Montagu, 7 hectares in Ste Gemme in Sancerre.

2009 - takeover of the Vetois farm in Crezancy in Sancerre, 10 hectares exploited among the most beautiful plots, Le Clos du Roy, Côte ...

2014 - creation of a holding of 7 hectares on the Sancerre appellation.

Today the Domaine Pascal Jolivet covers 65 hectares, 42 in Sancerre, 8 in Pouilly-Fumé and 15 in Touraine.

Wines and Origins

50% of the sancerre and pouilly smoked Pascal Jolivet are from the estate, 50% bought in grapes or grape juice, the same is true for the Sauvignon "Attitude" 

The set of parcels selections, "Caillottes, les Terres Blanches , The Clos du Roy, the Oak Marchand, the Grand Chemarin, the Bouffants and the Roc "are from the estate.

Two large unfiltered cuvées are also produced, Sauvage 100% limestone in Sancerre and Indigène 100% flint in Pouilly "Exception" is the rarest cuvée of the house, also unfiltered and produced only in the great vintages. 'A selection of the finest grapes from the Pascal Jolivet estate in Sancerre.

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