Paisajes (pie-sarhh-hrez) are a series of handcrafted single vineyard Riojas that ignore conventional practices & use modern techniques;
these wines from have created rifts in the Rioja establishment. Paisajes is a vibrant, envelope-pushing partnership between new wave Rioja winemaker Miguel Angel de Gregorio from the renowned Finca Allende & Barcelona’s top wine merchant Quim Vila. The wines are powerful, richly elegant, intensely fruity, softly tannic & complex wines that drink like silk. The beauty in these wines is their finesse & approachability; they can be enjoyed now or they can be cellared for years. Production is tiny with a total of around 800 cases produced each year.

With Miguel ‘s in depth knowledge of Rioja & his wine making experience, the pair select single vineyard sites to make the wines.  Each wine must be unique, expressive of site & naturally, elegant. Since 1998 when they started the Paisajes project they have selected 5 sites that suit. Not every year will a wine be made from a vineyard, where they are, its name is assigned to the wine (e.g. Cecias). The current release are the Cecias (100% Grenache) from Rioja Baja, La Pasada (100% tempranillo) from Rioja Alta & Valsalado (equal blend of garnacha, tempranillo with graciano & mazuelo).

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