Founded by Jeremy and Emma Borg, drawing inspiration from the African Wild Dog, our own Painted Wolf pack is a community of talented individuals who bring the best available grapes, technical and practical skills to Painted wolf, allowing us to craft a range of delicious, authentic satisfying wines.

Jeremy has over 20 years experience working with wineries in USA, UK and here in South Africa, He has a keen understanding of both wine making and the market and set out with a fresh and different approach. The goal is to build a community of passionate caring individuals who through grapes, co-operation, teamwork and mutually beneficial relationships bring the best available technical and practical skills to Painted Wolf. Jeremy is a visionary, with a burning passion to develop Painted Wolf Wines into an exceptional organisation, true to our mantra ‘Persistently remarkable, remarkably persistent’.

Emma draws on her wide experiences from working in hotel, catering and safari camp management, and collected whilst travelling and working on her adventures in various parts of the world. Having worked as a freelance photographer in the Cape winelands for the past few years, spending time photographing vineyards and wine cellars, she has gathered knowledge and understanding of wine. Her work has been published in many wine books and publications. She is building solid foundations upon which to grow the company and utilises her photographic and networking skills to tell the Painted Wolf story.

By harnessing the energy and expertise of a number of talented individuals we have created a company which not only crafts delicious wines, but which strives to be socially and environmentally responsible, nimble, effective and most importantly fun and rewarding to work for and be associated with.

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