The agro-food project of Pago Aylés began back in 1994 when the estate was bought by the current owner, who unified different properties that had belonged to the clergy and the nobility since the Middle Ages, this way, becoming one of the biggest private owned estates in the Aragón region (north eastern Spain), with an extension of more than 3.100 hectares with all of the perimeter fenced. Aylés is not only a winery; it is a well defined territory where nature and wine coexist in a very peculiar way. It is definitely a Pago, with its own characteristics that differentiate and distinguish it from other surrounding estates. Thanks to the breeding and restocking of native endangered species, the European Union has included us in the Natura 2000 network as a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA in Spanish). The Pago wine concept It is a concept similar to the French “Grand Cru”, the Italian “vigneti” or the German “gesetzlich geschützte Einzellage”, intended to indicate the quality potential of the Pago (both the vineyard and the “terroir”).

Since October 2010 we have been recognized as a PAGO WINE (“Vino de Pago”), as defined by the Spanish Vineyard and Wine Law (“Ley 24/2003”), becoming the first winery in Aragón to have this title and one of the 10 wineries that in Spain possesses this exclusive Designation of Origin granted only to the wineries with the highest level of quality excellence. In the Spanish wine quality pyramid, the Pago stands as the top tier with respect to other Designations of Origin. As such, they must comply with strict requirements relating to the process of production, processing and bottling such as: For the production of a Pago wine, only grapes coming from the Pago may be used. •Production, storage and aging of these wines should be made separately from other wines. •A comprehensive quality system must be applied from the production stage, until the marketing of the wines.

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