Paco & Lola is a young, modern winery committed to a fresh way of making and experiencing wine. Known around the world for our sophisticatedly fun image, WE ARE THE POLKA-DOT WINE.

This distinguishing but risky mark of product identity, our desire to think outside of the box and the achievement of brand recognition worldwide are the three pillars of Paco & Lola’s winemaking philosophy. They are behind absolutely everything we do, from our packaging and bottle design, -with Paco & Lola’s signature crisp, bold polka dots-, to the entire winemaking process itself. By being true to this philosophy we have established ourselves as one of the most recognized wineries within the appellation Rías Baixas.

And the foundation on which these pillars stand is to make exceptional wines for exceptional people.

Founded in 2005, Paco & Lola is the fruit of a business initiative of a group of independent winegrowers from O Salnés who wanted to take their production to a professional level. These growers formed a cooperative called “Sociedad Cooperativa Vitivinícola Arousana”, and now with over 400 members it is the largest cooperative belonging to the DO Rías Baixas.

Paco & Lola has over 200 hectares of vineyards spread out over more than 1800 plots of land typical of Galician smallholdings. All these plots are located in the largest of the five DO Rías Baixas subzones, Val do Salnés.

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