Origin Wines: The Wine

Our Philosophy

We are focused on making wine with grapes grown from locations we think have an ideal climate, soil and growing conditions for each particular grape. In our minimalist approach, we believe wine quality should be determined predominantly by the quality of the grapes.

Our goal is to create easy to approach unpretentious wines that will appeal to people based on their personal taste and preference.

Wine is for everyone, it doesn't need to be fussy, it should be fun! 

Origin Wines: The Owners

Blake and Daiya Anderson

Their origin began on a vineyard just blocks away from Origin Wines. Both from the Okanagan, Blake is from the Naramata bench and Daiya is from the Black Sage bench. 

They have dreamt of a vineyard and winery for many years, feeling the pull back to the Okanagan and back to their roots. Putting the plan into motion in 2009 they have slowly built their way towards the winery, piece by piece.

Their relationship began with an interest in wine and turning their passion into a reality is their dream come true.

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