Ool is where the community comes together to congregate for camaraderie and the comfort of a good meal. While many restaurants boast about their farm-to-table philosophies, Olo executive chef and owner Brad Holmes knows relationships are forged over food. He fills Olo’s kitchen with quality B.C. ingredients, such as island-raised beef, fish plucked straight from nearby waters, and produce tenderly grown by our local farming friends. Each incorporated ingredient is purchased directly from Olo’s hard-working neighbours who produce beautiful food with great care. Nestled in the heart of Victoria, B.C.’s bustling Chinatown neighbourhood, Olo pays homage to the region’s trade hub roots. The word “Olo” translates to “hungry” in Chinook Jargon, a derivative language of English, French, Chinese and Chinook. Just as the Pacific Northwest was a gathering place for traders hawking their wares in pioneer days, Olo celebrates Cascadia’s role as a cultural melting pot by serving as a hub for neighbours to gather and break bread.

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