Frank and Marti Menacho founded Olivas de Oro Olive Company in 1999 when they purchased a 160 acre orchard in the Northern Sierra Nevada foothills of California. Their passion for food and a balanced life led them into into an earlier venture where Frank started Westside Fish Market, a commercial fishing and wholesale fish brokerage. While making the rounds to deliver fish to the restaurants he talked food with the chefs and sampled their specialties. Frank developed his feel and flair for blending olive oil varieties over the course of years of conversations with chefs at some of the finest restaurants from San Francisco to Monterey.

The Menacho’s intended to go into the wine business after selling Westside Fish Market. But after a friend took them on a cautionary tour and showed them the tens of thousands of acres of newly planted vineyards from Hollister to Santa Barbara County, they looked toward olives and purchased the 160 acre orchard in Oroville. Marti and Frank share many of the responsibilities and vision for the business, but Frank focuses on the agriculture aspects and Marti manages the business aspects. It's a family affair and their children Jen, Nick and Natalie have their own interests in the business.

They recently pulled up stakes, (I mean trees, literally!) and moved the orchard to Creston in San Luis Obispo county outside of Paso Robles in the summer of 2007. It was a huge operation, but well worth it to have the trees in their new home. They moved about 2000 of their 103 year old trees from the Oroville orchard to the Creston location. Alongside the old growth olive trees the Menacho’s planted a 16 acre high density orchard of Arbequina olive trees.

Frank is a master blender and has been blending extra virgin olive oil for over 12 years for friends and chefs, restaurants and wineries as well as California olive oil producers. He is an industry supporting member of the California Olive Oil Council and a member of The Olive Oil Tasting Panel. The Olive Oil Tasting Panel is the only one in the US and adheres to the standards set by the International Olive Oil Council in Spain.

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