We are a Brewery and fast casual restaurant, Producing iconic, rustic session beers. Our restaurant creates delicious, well-crafted food using the best ingredients available. Sitting at the very top of the Oasis Texas Development, we Provide breathtaking views of Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country to enjoy over a cold one.

So what’s a session beer?

It’s a word often thrown around in beer culture that can mean many things. In general, it means a lower alcohol beer (often 4-6% abv) that is bright, easy to drink, and satisfying. At its core, it’s a quaffable drink that you can have more than one of. It’s more than just a drinkable beer though. These are the beers that your local bar has on tap all the time. Your go-to. Your failsafe. Your all-year beer. These are the types of beers that people say XXX was my gateway beer. They become the stuff of routine, comfortable, close-knit, fraternal routine. These beers become a part of the community based on the love that people share for them.

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