In 1903 the Pelissa family purchased 35 acres between the Napa River and the Napa Valley Railroad in Calistoga with a single $10 gold coin. Thus began one family’s history in the Napa Valley. Today the same family owns approximately 1,000 acres in Napa Valley with over 300 acres designated as a preserve intact with its natural state and 635 acres farmed as certified organic vineyards.

Throughout the 20th century, the family grew and their experience expanded across the valley. Then in 1993 the heirs of the Pelissa family acquired the Oakville Winery property from Heublein - Inglenook. The winery was originally built in 1877 by two Frenchmen, Jean Adolphe Brun and Jean Chaix and it was the 9th bonded winery in California. The “Brun and Chaix Oakville Winery” passed through various hands in the 20th century and when the Pelissa family acquired it they formed the Napa Wine Company and Bonded Winery #9. The winery and adjacent Pelissa Vineyard, totals 62 acres on the corner of Highway 29 and the Oakville Cross Road. In 2009 the first vintages of Oakville Winery Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel were released. After more than a century in the Napa Valley, the family is part of Napa Valley legacy, rooted in the vineyards and harvesting dreams forever grounded in the soil beneath their feet.

Grower and Producer

As a family owned company, we own all of our vineyards, care for our vines, harvest our grapes and have our own winemaker - all integral parts of producing a superior wine. There are few true grower and producers and we are delighted to be a part of that small circle.

Single Vineyard Wines

Why Single Vineyard Wines? Think of a great vineyard as an artist who paints a new picture every year. The artists style is constant although each painting will have it’s own personality. When you choose a single vineyard wine you are re-visiting a familiar friend, flavor and style.

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