Oak Highlands Brewery has a 2,200-square foot production area with new floors that are sloped to drains.  We operate a fully automated 3-vessel, 30-barrel brewhouse that was manufactured in 2015 by Alpha Brewing Operations out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  The three brewhouse vessels are a mash mixer/lauter tun, boil kettle, and whirlpool.  Our hot liquor and cold liquor tanks are both 60-barrels with the cold maintained at 38 degrees and the hot at 178 degrees.  We use steam to heat the brewhouse and a hot liquor tank using a 1.2 million BTU boiler.  We have a dual stage heat exchanger for knock out (wort cooling), and five 30-barrel fermenters and two 30-barrel brite tanks.  Our cold liquor, fermenters, and brite tanks are all double insulated and cooled with a 27 horsepower glycol chiller manufactured by G&D Chillers out of Washington.  We can our beers using a Cask, 3-head filler Semi-Automated Manual Canning System (SAMS) and keg our beers using both 50L and 1/6 barrel kegs.

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