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On a clay limestone hill in Prince Edward County, my passion for fine wine is put to the ultimate test. I have chosen select sites in Prince Edward County and Niagara with a magical combination of clay and limestone. These mineral driven sites are ideal and allow me to craft Pinot noir, Chardonnay and other cool climate varieties of exceptional quality and elegance. My wines tell a story of place developed from my passion and experience.

In my early twenties I earned my sommelier certification from the esteemed wine program at the University of Dijon in Burgundy and then put my skills to work as a sommelier for Four Seasons Hotels for seven years. In 1996 I traded in my Hugo Boss and Armani suits for farm clothes, work boots and a backpack. My insatiable thirst to master the art of winemaking led me on a six year journey apprenticing for the very best producers/winemakers of cool climate varieties in Burgundy, South Africa, Oregon, New Zealand and California. In 2003 I put roots down in Prince Edward County by planting 12,000 Pinot Noir vines and in 2004 planted an additional 3,000 Chardonnay and 2,000 Pinot Gris vines.

I’ve chosen Southern Ontario to grow and vinify cool climate varietals, because I truly feel that these soils are unlike any other in the New World. As the worldwide market grows, the majority of wines available to us have been carefully manufactured to fit a flavour profile as opposed to smell and taste like the region they came from. I strongly believe in the importance of crafting wines that tastes of the place they came from. The French know this notion as “terroir”. Matt Kramer (Wine Spectator) calls it “Somewhereness”.

Our wines have garnered phenomenal international and national reviews from some of the most talented and established wine critics in the world (Jancis Robinson, Matt Kramer, Jamie Goode, John Szabo and Tony Aspler). They can now be found in the finest restaurants and wine boutiques in New York, London, Tokyo, Montreal, Alberta, and all across Ontario. It is particularly gratifying to see our wines doing so well in competitive markets all around the world. This success shows that Ontario truly has the potential to make world class wines.

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