NoDa Brewing Company was founded on a culture of homebrewing. In fact, our two chief brew masters cut their teeth in the Carolina Brewmasters, one of the oldest homebrewing clubs in America. Whether it’s ultra small-batch beers or full-production, year-round brews, we approach every batch the same—with the highest standards and the ultimate attention to detail. It’s a sign of our respect for you. We hope you enjoy our beers as much as we have enjoyed making them.  So however you say it, “Cheers!” From NoDa.

NoDa Brewing Company was founded on a homebrewing culture. We proudly offer more varietals than most and are always stretching our creative muscles and looking for exciting new flavors. Every Tuesday we roll out a new beer for our NoDable Series. We have never made the same beer twice and we never will. Just to make it fun, our staff dreams up, creates and posts a video for each NoDable every week, which you can find on our YouTube channel. Consider yourself NoDafied!

After the beer, NoDa Brewing Company is all about our people. Whether they help make the beer, sell the beer or serve the beer, every person here is a vital part of our culture and makes what we do more enjoyable on a day-to-day basis. Without these people there is no NoDa Brewing, and we’d love for you to meet them. So now when you stop by you can call them by name.

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