Noble Ale Works was born in 2009 in Anaheim, California. We’re a really small brewery with giant… uh, ambitions, constantly evolving and consistently perfecting our recipes, even with our flagship beers: Big Whig IPA, Breakaway Pale Ale, and Pistol Whip’d Pilsner. Our main goal is to brew the sort of beers that we love to drink, and sometimes we end up with some REALLY, REALLY, RIDICULOUSLY GOOD BEER. We like to push the limits on the way people perceive beer, from heavily-hopped but not too bitter double IPAs like Tongue Tickles and the Showers Series, to the mind-bending experience of Naughty Sauce (a golden milk stout with coffee), to providing the most proper British ale session-y experience this side of the Queen’s bollocks. Come by our tasting room, try our beers, and see for yourself! Or go find our beer out and about in various bars, bottle shops, and restaurants; we are distributed by Artisan Ales throughout Orange County, L.A., and all the way down in San Diego!

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