The Niagara College Teaching Brewery is Canada's first and only teaching brewery, and a practical learning environment for students in Niagara College's Brewmaster/Brewery Operations Management program.

Driven by the demand for skilled workers in Canada’s burgeoning craft brewing industry, the brewery answers the need for a training system that addresses all aspects of brewery education to fill industry-specific positions with qualified people who have practical experience and specialist knowledge in beer production, brewery management and product sales/marketing.

The open-concept state-of-the-art 1,500 sq. ft. teaching micro-brewery facility allows students to brew their own craft beer on-campus and gain significant hands-on training in beer making, sales management and sensory evaluation. Located at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, the facility includes both a large scale system capable of producing 1,000 litres of beer and a smaller pilot system that allows students to brew one keg at a time - an ideal set-up for the creation of experimental brews and special beers for events that highlight the interaction between beer, food and wine.

Wherever possible, the Niagara College Teaching Brewery uses local products, while encouraging local farmers to produce malt and hops, as well as other brew flavourings such as honey and fruit.

The Niagara College Teaching Brewery's inaugural products are now available. Fittingly called "First Draft," these student-made beers are available in lager and ale. Students will learn their craft by brewing a full range of beers, including lagers, ales, seasonal brews, wheat beers and more.

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