Wine Classes


Our classes go beyond simple wine appreciation. Join us for a journey that defines and expands your personal tastes. Learn how to consistently select wines that delight and excite your palate.

Meet the Winemakers


At New York Vintners, we’re extremely fortunate to host some of the most talented producers in the world of wine. Join us and experience the charisma and passion of winemakers who are dedicated to creating the world’s finest wines.

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New York Vintners has both a conspicuous passion for the classic wines of Europe and a loyalty to quality wines from the world’s other notable regions. Our own curiosity about wine keeps our selection in constant flux, focusing on producers that create a sense of place through their wines’ characteristics of terroir. No matter if you’re looking for everyday drinking wines, undiscovered specialties, or rare trophy vintages, New York Vintners’ warm, enthusiastic approach to wine will suit your tastes.

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