At New Ontario Brewing we believe that fresh ingredients, combined with creativity and craftsmanship, lead to a superior product that our customers will appreciate as being distinctly different from the large producers. Our goal is to produce a series of flagship beers as well as seasonal beers that allow us to continue experimenting and having fun with our craft. We believe the city of North Bay will embrace the idea of a local beer to call their own. We hope to contribute to and become a part of the local culture of this proud city.

Craft beer in Ontario and across the country is experiencing a rapid expansion on the basis of the goodwill the products bring with them, namely quality ingredients, made in small batches, and produced locally. Building upon the industry’s own goodwill, New Ontario Brewing Company seeks to consistently produce a quality product, offer diverse and innovative products, and build a strong relationship with the local community through participation in cultural events and local festivals. In addition to being a working brewery, New Ontario Brewing Company will become a tourism destination for craft beer enthusiasts. We will also work with the community and fellow brewers to host some new events that will raise awareness of our products and build a local and regional craft beer and artisanal products culture.

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