There Are Three Things That You Should Know About Us:

We Brew Against the Grain. 

No, we don’t obey the Rhineheitsgebot. Life is too short to follow antiquated authorities. Sure we can make classic styles, but it’s more exciting to re-interpret a beer and take it to a New Level. We aren’t afraid to use odd ingredients or break the style guidelines. New Level’s the name and bold, progressive beers are our game.

We Respect the Chemistry. 

We are so super-serial about making the best beer that we can, that we went to beer school to learn everything we could about the science that underlies truly great beer. Our beers taste amazing and that’s not an accident.

We are Craft Beer Nerds Making Beer for Craft Beer Nerds. 

Sort of like FUBU, but with beer. We own the company and we brew the beer, so we can do whatever we want. As craft beer evangelists, we refuse to compromise the quality of our beer or to release anything that we don’t love.

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