In 1878, the West End Narrow Gauge railroad was extended from St. Louis to Florissant. It was a 16 mile trip that took about an hour and cost $0.03 per mile. The station that was once used is a National Historic Landmark that was relocated to Tower Court Park in 1969.

Narrow Gauge Brewing Company wanted to pay tribute to the history of the city that we are proud to call home.

The decision to start a brewery came forth as a dream between the three founders of Narrow Gauge Brewing. Initial discussions lead to equipment quotes, financial support from all parties, and eventually the formation of a new company, which leads us to now. We currently are brewing on a 3-barrel brew house filling 6-barrel fermenters. Our beers are only sold at Cugino’s in Florissant. Come stop by have a glass and take a growler home to enjoy later.


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