Known as the "Robin Hood of El Dorado", Joaquin Murrieta lived life with a heroic passion and outlaw honor that became legend in a land of cruelty and lawlessness. His seemingly single-handed acts of bravado and daring across the rolling hills of California's now world famous gold rush country were the stuff of pure, western fantasy and no man, horse or pouch of gold was safe.

A century later, as the sun continues to ripen the grapes adorning the hills of gold he once raided, Joaquin Murrieta, part man, part myth lives on. Today, at Murrieta's West Coast Grill we continue to raise a glass to this enduring, elusive legend.

What was once romantic legend continues to this day, as Murrieta's Westcoast Grill is hailed as one of Calgary's most celebrated and sumptuous places to dine. Situated within the spectacularly renovated walls of the Alberta Hotel building (c.1890) we offer a feast not only for the senses... but for the soul as well, with something unique to offer every distinctive palate.

The cuisine at Murrieta's can be described as West Coast with a large selection of seafood, steak, game, and pasta. The extensive wine list compliments this theme with a strong focus on Pacific Rim wines, although great wines from the Old World and other regions can be found.

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