Proudly of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Mudbug Brewery was founded in 2011 out of a passion for good beer, good fun, and Cajun ways. It began as a hobby of long-time home brewer Leith Adams, former microbiology professor turned brewmaster, and fellow friend, banker, and businessman Brance Lloyd. After the two partnered with local neurosurgeon Peter Liechty, that hobby would evolve into a fully fledged brewery crafting genuine Cajun brews. Today, Mudbug continues to go strong with five flagship beers and a host of unique specialties aimed at celebrating and sharing everything Cajun.

What’s a “Mudbug”?

In Louisiana, you can find small mud dwellings in wet, damp areas that look oddly like little skyscrapers all over the place. These are the homes of crawfish. And as such, many Louisianians have endearingly dubbed these little critters, “mudbugs”.

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