Mt Lehman Produces Drinkable, Accessible Boutique BC Wines

Our goal for all of our wines is to achieve drinkability, not force or power. We wish to produce the most accessible, best boutique wines in British Columbia. The lower alcohol content in our wines will tempt you to take one more sip – in fact, you may want to finish the entire bottle! How do our wines compare to others? Well, Mt Lehman Winery has won dozens of awards for their many wines at provincial, national, and international competitions including the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence. That says a lot about the care and passion our family puts into our winemaking.

Mt. Lehman Winery: A Small Winery with Big Dreams

From small experiments to big dreams. Vern Siemens, the owner and head winemaker of Mt Lehman Winery started trials with dandelion and raspberry wines in elementary school. As a family, we started farming grapes in 1988 with our first big land purchase: 80 acres of prime farmland right here in the Fraser Valley. We planted our first grapes in 1991 and had 3.5 acres of grapes ready to grow. The challenges of the region’s weather have resulted in intriguing vintage variations, and we have proven that the Mount Lehman area of the Fraser Valley yields brilliantly flavoured grapes. With our homegrown grapes, we produce fresh, aromatic red and white wines whose quality rivals wines from around the globe. We have since planted over 15 acres of grapes and continue to expand in flavour and variety.

The Mt. Lehman Winery Tasting Experience

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm. We are closed most major holidays, but feel free to give us a call to double check. Appointments for large group visits are available, please call or email ahead. 

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