Monte Versa (Mount Versa) is the name of a hill, unique in its position and soil typology, located in the centre of the Euganean hills. Now “Monteversa” is also a Company, borne with the feasible dream of manufacturing, in this area, original and exceptional wines, which are fruit of the passion, knowledge and commitment of the people working on them.

This dream arose from a sustainable, long-lasting and healthy agriculture, deeply respectful of its land and workers. Our keyword is producing soiled, rooted wines; a liquid soil that from the mineral goes straight into the bottle glass through a fully traditional approach, which is also neat and without frills, just with a constant commitment towards every wine-producing and enological detail. The uniqueness of the chalky-clayey soils of Mount Versa and a holistic approach to wine-growing, which is fully organic and biological, are of great help to our work.

Our Terroir

The Euganean Hills, located in the centre of the Veneto plain, are mounts of sea origin, where ancient magma eruptions gave origin to the typical relieves, precisely the hills, said “laccolites”, which are volcanic rock formations (trachytes, rhyolites and laccolites) come out from preexisting sea beds of sedimentary rocks (various types of limestone), among which “biancone” (white rocks) and “scaglia rossa” (red flake rocks) show up on Mount Versa. The chalky-clayey nature of the soils, coming from the superficial sedimentation of the ancient shoals of corals, combined with peculiar climatic factors, such as mild temperatures in the winter months due to the closeness of the Adriatic sea, make the region naturally suited to the growing of vines and to the manufacturing of high sensorial profile wines.

The Method

We work according to biological wine-growing rules, thus keeping parasites under control using copper and sulphur and with the aid of natural antagonists.

All processing is mechanical, with the assistance of very light tools respecting the soils’ life; for the same reason fertilizing is only based on manure, in homeopathic quantities and on green manures made up of various plants’ species.

The performance for each plant amounts to 1 – 1.5 Kg grapes and watering is simply used as rescue in the event of major water lack.
Monteversa winery acknowledges the importance of man’s input, which becomes essential in every processing stage.

That’s why we only rely on selected and highly experienced personnel for the winter and the green pruning so as to foster longevity and productivity of our plants. Moreover fully ripe grapes are manually picked and laid in small crates. Inside the winery work is thorough and not very invasive, in order to safeguard the expressive potentialities of the original grapes. We believe in the art of “working material up to getting all beauty out of it”.

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