Montakarn Estate Winery just off Black Sage Rd. in Oliver is a new winery that should not be missed. Look for our red roof that can be spotted across the valley! Our view will have you clicking your camera throughout your stay while you taste wines in our wine shop. While there are other wineries located on the same ridge above Oliver, Montakarn is the only winery to make full use of the western view. There is a commanding view of the valley from McIntyre Bluff to the south end of the Golden Mile, including right down to the Okanagan River.

Montakarn was primarily an apricot and peach orchard in 2003 when Gary Misson and his wife, Monty, bought it. While the plans for a winery took shape slowly, the execution of the plans seemed almost overwhelming. ” That was an eye-opener!” Gary exclaims, referring to all of the small details that go into building a new winery. Most of the details, including the design of the winery building itself, were completed by Gary, who earned a degree in architecture technology when he was looking for a career change. Gary had spent many years at sea on ice breakers in the north and in BC’s coastal waters hauling log booms before buying the property that would become Montakarn Estate Winery.

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