Moffett Vineyard was established in 2005 after the sale of their family’s winery Livingston Moffett Wines. Due to the sale and a trademark issue that had been a conflict for over 20 years, The Livingston Moffett family dropped the name Livingston and left the legacy wines under the Moffett name.

Livingston Moffett Wines was a family business run by John and Diane Livingston and their son Trent Moffett. Moffett Vineyard is now perched on 20 Acres of prime Howell Mountain land located 1,500 feet above the Napa Valley floor. Trent Moffett has started developing the land applying his father’s blue print from 36 years ago to his new property. Stage one was the development of some of the vineyard land that is now producing excellent Howell Mountain Cabernet. John and Diane Livingston have retired and are involved in multiple facets of the local community.

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