Welcome to the boldest brews in the Pacific Northwest!

Unlike some of the other guys who claim to have the craziest, tastiest craft beer you’ve ever had, here at MJ Barleyhoppers we can actually back it up. Huckleberry in a hefeweizen? Coconut cream in a porter? Chocolate malt in a brown? Yep, we take things to new heights to discover the best brew experience you’ve ever had.

Now for those who fear that our discoveries might be too “out there”, we promise that our beer does still indeed taste like, you guessed it, beer.

Along with our award-winning hand-crafted microbrews, we also offer all the classic favorites for a grand total of 30 beers on draft, as well as all your favorite pub foods and beer grub.

So if you are interested in experiencing something entirely new, (or want a refreshing classic) we’ve got it all waiting at MJBs.

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