The Middle Gray is an arts organization that supports emerging artists by giving them space and opportunities to showcase their work while being fairly compensated. Our intent is to build a place that encourages the social connections and collaborations that nurture a vibrant creative community. The Middle Gray is an online-based organization with expectations to grow and evolve into a physical space.

MiddleGray Magazine.

MiddleGray Magazine is an online publication featuring emerging artists of various disciplines including, but not limited to, Visual Arts, Music, Literature and Performance Arts. It focuses mostly on local talent, and it serves as a “program/schedule” for MiddleGray Café's events and art exhibitions. There are two annual issues highlighting the artists displaying, reading and playing their work at the space throughout the year, and other content related to the The Middle Gray itself, the local arts and literary scene, and other regional issues.

The Middle Gray Gallery/Café

The MiddleGray Café will offer dishes inspired from traditional family recipes, which have been passed on from generation to generation. We have come to understand the importance of the culinary arts, and how they can create identity and bring people together. We are eager to preserve these traditions by sharing them with our guests.

The MiddleGray also wants to allow the coexistence of all kinds of arts under one roof, and it strives to create more options and contribute to the advancement of the art and cultural scene in the Boston area and to the growth of young promising local artists. It is also important for us to create a place that allows accessibility to the arts and art education. By creating a multidisciplinary art space and sharing it to showcase all kinds of artistic works, we’ll bring together more options for artists and art consumers, thus attracting more people to the community and making it stronger.

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