Until roughly three hundred years ago, Downs Woods and the adjacent McCall vineyards were the cultural center of an Algonquin Indian tribe. Known as Fort Corchaug, the natives selected this unique maritime property along the estuary as their home.

About two hundred years later in 1902, Russell Simeon Walker, president of the Dime Savings Bank in Brooklyn, rode his horse and buggy out to the North Fork to find a summer home. From the Walkers to the Munkenbecks down to the McCalls, the property remained in the family.

In 1996 Russell McCall joined forces with the Peconic Land Trust to save Down's Woods, Fort Corchaug, and the farmland adjacent to his family's property from the threat of development, after which he replanted the corn and potato fields with twenty one acres of vineyards. A few years later, Mr. McCall purchased and gifted the North Fork Stewardship Center to the Peconic Land Trust in allegiance to their shared commitment. Finally in 2007, we made our first vintage and founded McCall Wines. We see ourselves as stewards of this special place, and we are proud of our wine, an example of what this land can yield when treated with respect and care.

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